Today’s post is a love note! Thanks for the beautiful words Adrienne Furrie….


“My dear friend Sonja Franzmann is an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to health, fitness and life in general. Sonja is a holistic lifestyle coach for corporate rebels who are ready to THRIVE in their body and in their lives.

I first met Sonja 5+ years ago when I was VERY pregnant with my second child (like waddling whale sized pregnant), and I was very drawn to her and her whole approach.


Flash forward 5 years and we’ve become fast friends. We go for dog walks, we drink coffee at a local favourite cafe, AND she has helped me learn to not dread workouts. We kept it easy with free weights at home in the backyard, with the kids and dogs roaming around.

She keeps it so real. Not complicated, just effective, my kind of woman.


I say all of this to say, check her out, she’s got an amazing program that really gets results for her clients. If you need a boost in life and health, you feel stuck, AND you need someone with a bit of a sassy feisty edge, a REBEL soul, Sonja is the one to talk with. Go check her out, she’s awesome.”


Adrienne, I’m happy to have helped you ENJOY your workouts, and make them easy. That’s the goal, isn’t it?!


Live Inspired,