I’ve been working with a new client for two months, she’s moving forward SO fast and I’ve wanted to share about her amazing transformation….

but I didn’t even know where to start, because there’s been so much gold. So, I decided to share ONE thing you might find valuable.

The only person that knows what she’s up to – is me.


Nobody knows she hired a coach….

she’s not telling anyone how much weight she’s happily lost….

she’s not telling anyone the changes she’s made to her diet….

or what workouts she’s doing….

or the mindset work, boundary setting, and self-care practices she’s dove into.


She’s staying in her lane, and that’s WHY she’s transforming her body, mind, and health so fast!

This was the gamechanger for her.

She realized for 45 years, she told everyone what diet she was on, what workout she was trying, etc, etc, etc.


And doing THAT stalled or completely derailed her progress.

And as we know, everyone has an opinion about these things, and most likely, their own story to tell (which isn’t always helpful).


It takes a lot of ENERGY to explain or story tell about all the new things you’re learning and experiencing.

And for this client especially, that’s been experiencing radical insights and breakthroughs multiple times a week, since our initial call….

sharing all of this with other people would change the energy. And take her out of her epic flow.


This wise woman is cruising down the freeway with her fave song on the radio, her hair blowing in the breeze, and the sun shining on her face…..

she’s thoroughly enjoying her OWN lane.


And because she’s in the drivers seat of her health and her life, without needing permission/feedback/influence from others…..

her results in just 8 short weeks have been one of the most outstanding client results I’ve seen, in 15 years as a coach.


My clients inspire me every single day! I hope you’re inspired too.

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Sonja. xo!