[Getting What You Want]

My client Diane and I had a consolidation + celebration call a few days ago, it was our final coaching call after 6 months together. On the call, I took her back in time to our very first coaching call, where we wrote down all her goals and what her BIG vision was for herself and her life, by the end of the 6 months…


She had lofty goals, and lots of them.


As I slowly read her words from that first day back to her, she stopped me mid way through and said “Sonja, this is scary accurate. Amazing!!”

I has shivers, it WAS amazing. She nailed it!

Diane got everything she wanted, and MORE. She was 100% committed to the program and reaped the rewards because of it.


I wanted to continue coaching her for another 6 months, because I wasn’t ready to let her go…

And yet of course, if she wanted to continue, she’d make that decision herself.

And she did decide.

She said “I’m enrolling in 6 more months, there’s no way our journey is over yet, I want to see what else is possible for ME!


We’re a 4 hour plane ride away from each other, but we’re going to meet in person at some point, so we can squeeze each other and celebrate this match made in heaven…

Woooo! Pinch me! Am I dreaming?!

I love the magnificent women I get to work with. Thank you, thank you, universe.


This is possible for you too, are you ready to get what you want?

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Sonja. xo