Last week my client Vivienne said “I’m in a negative head space around aging, it’s consuming my thoughts and I feel like crap when I go down that rabbit hole.”

I’ll fast forward through our conversation and give you the Cole’s Notes of what I suggested, if you too find you’re resisting being human;)


First, rebels aren’t easily swayed by society’s obsession with beauty, surface living, and looking forever young, so I reminded her of this. (she’s a political powerhouse in her confidential city, and every other area of her life, so why not in THIS area too, right?)

Second, I had her write out 10 reasons why aging is AWESOME. With instructions to send the list back to me later that day. She eagerly wrote out her list and within hours aging became something graceful, exciting, and enveloped in deep gratitude that she HAS a life, to live.


And then just yesterday, my client Marilyn said in our coaching call “I’ve noticed being in my 50’s feels hard.”

I gave her similar homework, plus a few other things added in. I had her go off and find evidence of woman ages 50-90 that were strength training, looked great, felt great, loved life, and hadn’t bought in to “getting old sucks.” Again, she eagerly went off, ready to prove her limiting thoughts wrong. And she DID. I love my rebels.


What do you love about aging?

FYI – I go there too, I’m not above any of this work.


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Sonja, xo