In the first 6 weeks of our 6 month journey together, my client Marilyn kicked ASS. In that time she’s made major headway in creating a healthier body and work life. She’s in a VP role in her company and was living in survival mode at work, jusssst getting through the day.


Work/life balance was her MAIN goal.


And, she also wanted to lose about 15 pounds. But she WASN’T desperate or obsessive about it. And that’s why I just got an email from her that said she lost 5 pounds. You can’t worry yourself into weight loss. I know it seems so effective, if you just OBSESS enough, it will come off!




This is what Marilyn focused on:

1. Sleep. She started sleeping way MORE.

2. She practices EASY stress release techniques.

3. She WALKS a lot and does very short strength workouts.

4. She eats quality food AND enjoys wine and her fave foods when she truly wants them, not just out of habit.


Weight loss can be easy, but the gurus and diet books want you to believe there’s no possible way you can do it on your own.

It’s absolute bullshit, trust me YOU can.

You can. You can. You can.


Sonja. xo