[Just Love Your Body Now!]

You and I see the inspirational quotes that say “just love your body now!”

Well if you’re like most women and that doesn’t resonate with you – this post is for you.


And YES of course it would be ideal if you could instantaneously hop on board the next train to body love town!

But, for most women (myself included) it wasn’t or hasn’t been that easy. Remember how many glossy magazines filled with air brushed women you flipped through as a teenager?


So when I first started to transform my health 18 years ago, it began from a place of RESPECT for my body. I didn’t jump from hate to love in the snap of a finger.

If you feel like you’re failing because you’re not “there” yet. Relax, there’s another way. It’s much more realistic and radically SLOW. But you know what they say about slow and steady:)


Let’s take it ONE step at a time:

1. I have a body.
2. I respect my body.
3. I like my body.
4. I love parts of my body.
5. I love my whole body.


What step are you on TODAY?


Live Inspired,