I just finished two coaching calls with clients and my body is buzzing with joy for them. Watching my clients realize the old school way of getting fit and healthy…are just that…OLD….

is such a great moment.


When they realize they don’t have to do it like everyone else does….

“Susie did keto and lost 15 pounds so I will too”…

it’s not about what works for Susie, it’s about what works for them.


It’s in that moment of clarity that they willingly jump off the mainstream wagon, and into a lifestyle that feels good….

and is actually sustainable!

When you TRULY live a lifestyle based on your particular flavour of health and wellness, it feels incredibly LUXURIOUS…

No sacrifice, just freedom.


If you’re ready to stop following Susie, I invite you to book a free 30 minute Body Confidence Breakthrough call.

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Sonja. xo