Diane reached out to me four months ago. She was bossy, funny as hell, in a very high profile role, and I was actually a bit scared of her…


She was looking for a wellness coach to go on a healing journey with her, after a VERY serious health scare.

Her main goal was healing, and I remember being on the phone with her wondering “can I actually help her heal?”

My small self was giving me reasons to back down…”you’ve never worked with someone with this health challenge before, you could FAIL.”


But my intuition was screaming “you’re her person!”


And I’m so damn grateful I listened….

because Diane’s transformation has been OUTSTANDING.

It stands out as one of the greatest success stories I’ve witnessed, in my 11 years as a coach. And, we still have two months left in her program. #rockstarclient


There’s so much to share about her incredible journey, and I’ll be love celebrating more of it right here. It shows you, what’s possible for your own life. Who knows, maybe I’ll be celebrating you next!

I LOVE celebrating others, it’s in my genes, it’s my natural state. And honestly, we could use a bit more of it in the world.

People are craving validation, acknowledgement and attention. And I’m here ready and willing to offer up a slice.


Sonja xo