Consider the fact that no one fingerprint is alike. It’s amazing to think no one in the entire world will ever share your same fingerprint.

Your fingerprint is your identification, your unique marking, your signature. Just as your fingerprint is one of a kind, so is the rest of you.


No one thinks exactly like you, no one talks exactly like you, and no one is you. You’re an individual with a unique body, mind, and spirit.


So when it comes to health/fitness/nutrition it’s easy to forget that you are a unique being. On the quest for the perfect diet, flawless body, or optimal health, the industry convinces us that the latest fad diet advertised by “insert hot celebrity” is THE way.


If it worked for JLo, then it will work for me!

If my coworker can lose 10 pounds fast by eating nothing but cottage cheese, so can I!


But when the peanut butter and celery diet fails, you are left wondering what went wrong. So you jump on the next diet roller coaster that barrels into the public eye, it’s a never ending cycle of struggle. And each time this happens you feel like a failure. Well, you’re not. You just need a health and wellness plan that’s completely customized to YOU.


If you’re ready to jump off the fad wagon on the road to nowhere, congratulations.

And I invite you to take the first step to honouring your unique self, and book a Body Confidence Breakthrough call with me.

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Sonja. xo