Right now, I feel angry.

I’m wound up with wild energy and looking for an outlet.

I’m not sure about you, but writing and weight lifting are my go to’s when I’m feeling this way.


I never would have written a post like this in the past, “Sonja, settle down. People don’t need to hear about your crappy morning.”

But, the new version of me is perfectly content shining a light on my darker moments, because we all have them, and…


there’s nothing wrong here. 


Your anger is just as beautiful as your joy.

It shows you care, it shows you’re passionate, it shows you’re alive.

It shows you’re not THIS way or THAT way. You’re both ways.


You’re not just the happy, loving, optimistic one. You’re also the angry, wild, dramatic one.

You’ve been gifted ALL the emotions, don’t be afraid to feel them.


Sonja. xo