A few days ago I had a body confidence breakthrough call with a woman who owns an interior design firm on the west coast.

She wasn’t receiving the level of support she needed from her current health professionals (yep, been there too many times to count) so she decided to try another route, and here we are.


She told her team at work….

“I’m taking 6 months to figure out my shit, so prepare yourselves.”

Ha! Omg, HOW do I get women like this?!
What a BOSS.


She knows what she wants and needs.

She wants a clear plan, she wants the journey to be fun, she wants a coach that’ll be her sounding board, she wants a confidente. She wants a coach who actually gives a shit about her.


She took a day to decide and emailed me the next morning with “I’m in.” I congratulated her and said I was excited to go on a 6 month journey together!

Her reply to THAT email had a completely different energy than her previous emails. The previous emails were short, straightforward, and serious…

but THIS reply was light, happy, excited, like a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

She used !! marks. A lot.


She’s already transforming, because even though we haven’t officially started the program…we have.

The transformation is in the transaction.

I know for myself, those times I stretched myself and invested in coaching programs…I felt different instantaneously.


Sonja. xo