[The Domino Effect]


If I could only offer ONE piece of wellness advice – but it had the power to impact all other areas (like the domino effect)….

It would be this:

Walk outside for one hour each day.


That’s it.


Walking influences everything…

You feel good – so you choose the bbq chicken thighs instead of the leftover pizza for dinner.

You release stored stress/emotions in your body as you’re in motion – so you deal with that work issue calmly and effectively.


You sleep better after moving your body and breathing in fresh air – so you wake up actually feeling rested.

Your walk energizes your body – so you aren’t ‘too tired’ to go on that date night with your partner after all.


You’re creativity is flowing as you walk – so you come up with some brilliant ideas and realize just how powerful you are.

And the benefits go on and on and on…

till the end of time.


Live Inspired,