Workplace burnout has become an epidemic, and at an all time high.

If you’re a corporate gal working and living with high stress and low energy…

this post is for you.


Operating on adrenaline has become the norm, yet it’s anything but normal. Yet living in a constant state of survival mode has become our reality.

So if you haven’t been feeling like your spirited self lately, and you’re motivated to change, and willing to make space in your life for THIS change….

I created a program just for YOU.


Burnt Out to Blissed Out is a 6 week online program that helps corporate women, end their battle with burnout.

It’s for women that want to build a solid foundation of wellness – so they can lose stress, gain energy, and feel FABULOUS.

It’s for joy-seeking women that’ve misplaced their joie de vive – and are ready to re-ignite that inner zest for life!


With over 12 years of fitness and wellness coaching experience, and 18 years on my own wellness journey (major burnout included)….

I know what works, and I know what doesn’t. And in this step-by-step 6 week course I only give you the BEST of the best.

You’ll walk away with deep awareness, changed behaviour, and a customized wellness plan that’s sustainable and enjoyable.


So, if your ready to feel like a well nourished ROCKSTAR….

Take the FIRST step.

And send me a DM to get details about the program and/or if you have any specific questions.


If you know this is EXACTLY what you need to start feeling good again, book your spot now. The program is limited to just 10 corporate women.

This small number guarantees you’ll have extra support and attention on your transformation towards greater energy, freedom, and vitality!


Live inspired,