[Gotta Move Different When You Want Different]


It’s been over 19 years since I jumped on the health and fitness bandwagon….

It was also the catalyst for me to pursue a career in personal fitness training and nutrition….

as I wanted other women to STOP living a mediocre life because of how they FELT in their bodies.

I had lived that life – it was hell.


My health transformation started almost two decades ago when my mom asked me to go to the gym with her.

I’d never been….

and in that one hour, inside one day, shifted the trajectory of my LIFE.


Under those deep layers of uncertainty, self-sabotage, and a fear driven mindset…..

the woman I knew I was MEANT to be was coming alive – and man, was she excited!

So, fast forward to today. I’ve got 2 tips for ya, if you want to stop doing the stop/start thing when it comes to fitness and wellness:


1. If you want to have permanent results, work with someone who’s HAD permanent results.

2. If you want a lifestyle that focuses on freedom, well-being, luxury, and enjoyment, work with someone who lives THAT way.



If you’re choosing a coach in ANY industry, make sure you want to emulate their lifestyle. Business, relationship, health – how do THEY live?


So back to you…..

if you’re ready to stop letting your body HOLD you back from this one life you have….

and you’re motivated to transform on a deep level that will last for DECADES, like my own results, which include:


1. I went from a size 14 to a size 4, permanently. I’ve never put weight back on in the past two decades.

2. I changed my eating habits, permanently. Again, I’ve been eating healthy for almost two decades.

3. I fell in love with exercise/movement, permanently. Yup, two decades.

4. I put my well-being first, permanently.


If you want results like THAT…

you gotta make a move.

Take the first step and book a 30 Minute Breakthrough call with me HERE. 


Sonja. xo