When clients start to dive deep into what’s draining their energy, most of the time they admit their bodies, take up more mental space than they’d like to admit….

it’s like a tape running in the background filled with critical words that just keeps looping over and over again.


This isn’t surprising when clients admit this, as most of our internal dialogue is negative, especially about our skin suits. I know mine often has, and I’ve been working on changing that for a while now.


We’ve been seduced by the beauty industry our entire lives, with products that promise to fix the multitude of things that are “wrong” with our bodies.

We think our internal dialogue doesn’t matter, since we’re the only ones that hear it. But that’s actually not true…..


Your body is listening.

It’s picking up on your frequency, and it’s RESPONDING.


It hears everything you think or say about it. And that has an EFFECT on you and your overall health.

Unless you consciously break the habit of criticizing yourself, you never will, and it’ll drain the shit out of you for the next 20 years.


Without your body, you wouldn’t BE here, existing. It’s not always easy to remember that though is it!?


Changing this internal dialogue starts with a shift in perspective – and giving your body some well deserved love and respect.

Be in AWE. It’s a masterpiece, a bustling city, a magnificent orchestra!


Breaking this lifelong pattern will feel uncomfortable as hell at times, because honouring your body doesn’t feel familiar.

Plus, you have a lifetime of being influenced by the health industry that works hard to sell YOU worthiness, by getting you to buy their products.


So, start with something small….


In the morning, lay in bed for an extra minute and touch your feet, and say “love” or “thank you” and continue doing this all the way up to your head. See how you feel after doing this for 3 days, what shifts for you?


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Sonja. xo!