Calling all Calgary corporate women:

I was on a walk with my gal pal, high on sunshine and life, and pow-wowing about loving things we could do for our clients/staff. I’m not one to discount my coaching programs….BUT, for the next 48 hours I’m doing just that, cause it feels goooood!

I know some women reading this just need a little nudge – to accept support and guidance on their journey to a BODY and lifestyle they love. I can feel ya. This is your gentle nudge.

For the next week….

I’m offering you $1000 off of my signature program Body & Mind Redefined. It’s a 6 month one-on-one transformation program – designed to skyrocket your energy, strength, and confidence on ALL levels.

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Make sure you book your call BEFORE the Dec. 5th deadline.

Happy Holidays!


Live Inspired,