The story behind my decision to create a course focused on stress and burnout is incredibly personal…

Burnt Out to Blissed Out was created after my own journey through adrenal fatigue (stage 3) that lasted 3 long years….

I knew last year, it would become something I eventually helped other women through.


Stress and burnout are at an all time high, it’s wild if you look at the research. And I shudder to think how many other women are dealing with this.

For me, at the beginning, I googled constantly, trying to discover what was causing my low energy, low libido, and loss of interest in things that typically sparked joy in me…..


Then I had a few medical doctors test my hormones, minerals, vitamins, etc…

“You’re perfectly healthy.”

…was always the answer. So I continued my quest for answers.

I knew what THRIVING felt like, and I was far from it.


Next up I saw two naturopaths, the first one wasn’t helpful at all, the second one had me do a gold standard hormone panel saliva test for $500.

That was the BEST first step I could have taken. He coined me the poster child for adrenal fatigue. #nothankyou

BUT I understand WHY.


The 6 other people I know with adrenal fatigue/burnout were either fitness or health coaches or athletes.

I’m pointing this out, because taking care of your body and doing all the self-care things….

don’t matter if you have high levels of stress coursing through your body day after day. The stress wins.


And that was my first thought, along with my family/friends…

“But, you’re so healthy Sonja, you do all the things?! ”

I know! Wtf. I decided to make a list, thinking that would resolve the issue;)


1. Sleep is my JAM! Nothing comes between me and 8 hours of sleep.

2. I eat healthier than anyone I know.

3. I strength train or walk outside most days of the week.

4. I love the work I do in the world.

5. I have wonderful friends and family.

6. I don’t work long hours, and have lots of time freedom.

7. I often meditate or do energy work.

8. I worry constantly. Oooh, there it is…


I worry about everything. I worry for others. I worry for myself. I worry for the world.

I get caught in stressful though loops that keep my body running on adrenaline. I’m also a textbook HSP and was blatantly ignoring it, instead of working with it.


The issue wasn’t my lifestyle, it was my MIND.

I had created so much stress in my BODY through negative thought patterns, which THEN turned into major sleep issues, and hormone imbalances…

which THEN resulted in complete energy depletion and adrenal fatigue.


And, there ya have it. My passion behind the course. Teach what you KNOW, right?

Can you relate to any of this?

More to come in the next week, as Burnt Out to Blissed Out starts April 17th!

And hit reply if you’d like details about the course!


Live inspired,