[What Goes Up Must Come Down]

A few years ago one of my best friends watched, as I began to cry while our mentor was coaching me at a retreat.

It was the first time she saw me cry and after she said “I loved you before, but now I love you even MORE.”


It was the first time she saw me truly let go….

And for me, it was the first time I realized I had a belief that I always needed to be OK, in case someone else wasn’t.

I have to be OK, because someone else might not be. (Yes, it sounds ridiculous when I say this out loud, but that was the story running in the background my entire life).


The experience with my mentor and my friend’s reaction to it – was the first time I realized I didn’t have to have my shit together 24/7.

And people would STILL love me when life felt messy! Who knew?!

Now, that lesson comes with me everywhere and I apply it often – especially when I’m alone with my dark and moody thoughts…


So last week, after ALLOWING myself a few days to accomplish nothing, and just sit with my moodiness and feelings instead of judging myself for it….

I’m feeling so much better. And, today was EPIC.

I’m not sure about you…

But, whenever I have a few darker days, I know something wonderful is on it’s way. I’ve seen it time and time again, and this time was no different.


It doesn’t make the tough days feel any easier, surprisingly. But deep down I know I’m moving THROUGH something, and I’m not stuck in the muck forever.

And it becomes easier to allow those moments, and just sit with them, without judgement, when you can gently remind yourself that….

feeling’s can’t be wrong, and experiencing a range of emotions is HEALTHY.


What feelings are you pushing down inside of you?

Whatever they may be – it’s safe and healthy to let yourself feel them.


Sonja. xo