When I started my mobile fitness and nutrition coaching business 13 years ago I named it MissFit Consulting. I remember wanting to spell it “misfit” as I intended it to be interpreted. But, I decided it was best to keep the spelling straightforward, and easy to understand what business I was in!

I’ve always had that side of me, the one that didn’t want to follow what others were doing, if everyone was going right I was going left. (put your hand up if that’s you too:)


I never wanted to be grouped in with everyone else, and my business and brand were never meant to appeal to the masses. Case in point, I won’t even entertain the idea of offering group coaching. Which I can tell you gets more than a few shaking heads from business coaches.

To me, nothing feels better than 1:1 coaching, where each client gets ALL the attention, and we can uncover how she walks to the beat of her own drum, and tailor her program to THAT.


Over the years I’ve attracted the same type of woman, she’s 53 years old, a corporate big shot, and has the heart of a rebel. She’s someone that LOVES doing things differently, and is open to non-traditional concepts, and ways of doing things.

And on that note, I made a small tweak two weeks ago, but it feels MASSIVE!

I’m retiring my title Holistic Lifestyle Coach for Wine Lovers. We had a wonderful few years together and it brought me awesome clients! And now, as I continue to laser in even more on WHO my ideal client is, and who is naturally drawn to me, two words have shifted everything. Corporate rebels.


So hello to my new title Holistic Lifestyle Coach for Corporate Rebels. I like it!

From misfits to rebels, it’s come full circle. Tiny tweaks in your life and business can make a huge difference so don’t underestimate them. Embrace all the ways you are evolving, for change is the only constant there is.


Live Inspired,