[Less Work, More Life]

Below are some wins my executive client Heather and I were celebrating a while ago. This could be you too….

which is why I share client wins all the time. They’re people, just like you!


Heather’s life NOW:

1. Sleeping better than I have in YEARS.
2. Meditating every single morning.
3. Less social media scrolling.


4. I’m a healthy eating ninja. No crap, my body doesn’t even want it. Lost weight too.
5. Exercising consistently. Crave my workouts, love my walks outside!
6. Less sugar, more protein. More energy throughout the day!


7. Drinking way less wine. Feels easy.
8. Confident in my ability to change.
9. Much better work boundaries.


10. Took vacations to Europe, Hawaii, and Mexico. The first time in YEARS I actually let myself enjoy time off.
11. Very happy personal life.
12. My lifestyle feels like the spa!


Awesome wins hey?!


The health/fitness/wellness coaching I do with clients tends to be 80% mindset, this is WHY they move forward in ways they’ve never been able to before.

So if you’re struggling with healthy living….

Imagine if those were YOUR wins, how would you feel?

You are just as capable and deserving as everyone else. Life is short, live it well.



P.S.¬† – I was named one of Calgary’s Best Life Coaches¬† – thank you YYC!

Live inspired,