What women are saying…

“I love Sonja’s approach to wellness. It’s fresh, fun and perfect for that trailblazing woman who wants an unconventional approach to feeling amazing in her body! Thanks Sonja for all you do!”

Paula Onysko

“Sonja offers her clients authentic, genuine and lasting change. She does not subscribe to trendy fad diets/ fad coaching techniques but offers a new way of living life that starts from connecting within. I highly recommend her to any professional woman looking for REAL results.”

Andrea Brassart

“I found Sonja after I had decided to find a coach to help me put my life back on the road to total wellness after a serious health scare. I knew I needed healing physically, mentally and spiritually, and while I knew what I needed to do, I needed someone to come along side me and hold up the mirror for me, so that I could figure out how to move forward and create a new life.

I haven’t looked back since!

I’ve changed lifelong negative patterns that included poor sleep, anxiety, lack of consistent exercise, and putting others before my own health and wellness.

It is such a reminder as I write this today about how far I’ve come with Sonja’s beautiful, calm, intuitive, caring and nurturing guidance. Sonja has held my hand every step of the way as I have made now over 36 positive changes in my life and counting! She’s also been there on the difficult days when I’ve struggled to create my new life patterns and new ways of thinking.

She’s never given up on me, always encouraged me, helped me to change my perspective on many situations and even at my most troubled moments she has stood steadfast as a beacon, reminding me to send love and compassion to myself (and others) and to continually ask myself “Is this healing?”.

My life has been and is being transformed, and dear Sonja, I am so grateful for you – as a coach, friend and mentor.”

Anna Bortolus

“For many years Sonja has been my trusted guide when I need support and direction with health issues.  Her mind-body knowledge is vast and her relatability is refreshing.”

Donna Beaudry

“When I first began feeling a call to a more embodied connection with myself, I had a conditioned narrative running in my subconscious of what the journey to get there was going to feel like. A hard, arduous, self punishing, depriving one. 

I had done this before and knew the beaten down path well. Just push through it, and get back into those skinny jeans. 

Yet, there was also an intuitive longing that whispered for a new way…a loving and tender way. 

I didn’t know what that looked like, and something in me was wanting to learn. Sonja had posted a personal story the day that I started listening to the whisper. Her share was potent with the energy of devotion not discipline…it felt self loving not depriving…it felt like the whisper. So I called. 

Working with Sonja has been about tracking self compassion, healthy boundaries, claiming and celebrating my brilliance. Not about tracking calories and the scale.

It has been about us tenderly taking each brick in the wall that I had built between myself and my body…and seeking to find the deeper need below it’s protection.

Sonja companions me, as she offers gentle perspective shifts, encourages me to take pleasure in celebrating my radiance…celebrating ME. I feel closer to the intelligence of my body, and I’m starting to really FEEL my truth in response to life around me, without getting too caught up in my thoughts.

Working with Sonja has been such a sweet and gentle experience of coming more deeply home to myself.”  

Desere Pressey

“I was surviving, but definitely not thriving.  Ready to make changes to get more out of my life, I booked my first call with Sonja.  Together, we tackled it all: health, sleep, fitness, balancing work demands, setting boundaries and having more fun.  Fast forward six months – so much progress!  But there was more I wanted to do. Now, after 11 months, the benefits are tremendous.  I am living a healthier and more joyful life.

In Sonja, I found the holistic wellness support I was looking for (and needed!).  Expertise, wisdom and guidance come together with a no-nonsense approach and a cracking sense of humour.  Our coaching sessions always left me appreciating the progress made and gave me the inspiration to do more.  It’s been my joy and good fortune to work with Sonja!”

Maureen Nicholson

“Sonja is an incredibly effective coach with a deep understanding of how to help people break free from all that holds them back and embrace the life they were meant to live. The love, expertise, and deep insight she brings to each client is completely transformational and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking more freedom and meaningful change. Sonja is truly remarkable beyond words!”

Jana Boyko

“Sonja Franzmann is an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to health, fitness and life in general. 

I first met Sonja 5 years ago and I was very drawn to her and her whole approach.  She keeps it so real. Not complicated, just effective, my kind of woman. I say all of this to say, check her out, she’s got an amazing program that really gets results for her clients.

If you need a boost in life and health, you feel stuck, AND you need someone with a bit of a sassy feisty edge, a REBEL soul, Sonja is the one to talk with. She’s awesome. And she gets her clients REAL results.”

Adrienne Furrie

“Finding someone who is a total rockstar at what they do, PLUS caring deeply about the people they serve can be a challenge. Within my first call with Sonja, I knew I’d struck gold. Working with her has brought me to new levels in my personal and professional life. Without her calm guidance, energy and b.s. free approach, I’d still be stuck spinning my wheels.”

Katie Tibbetts

“Before working with Sonja I felt that I didn’t deserve to put myself and my health first. I wasn’t prioritizing my own needs and I felt like I had “let myself go.” My clothes didn’t look good on me anymore, (especially around my middle), I was easily fatigued, moody and felt out of shape.  

Soon after we began I quickly saw results!  My body looked toned, I felt stronger, younger, happier, energized and so much more like me again! The tailored-to-me program was just what I needed. Sonja’s a gifted intuitive and whether spiritually, mentally or physically in a rut, she knew it and got me back on track to feeling good.  

Her dedication and support kept me accountable to myself and proud of the results I was creating. By midpoint into the program I was thinking even bigger than I could have even imagined! Something magical happens when you work with her.”  

Myrna Brown

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed coaching with Sonja, I feel like she pushes me and makes me feel stronger then I have ever felt physically and mentally. From our initial meeting she has been very creative with coming up with nutrition, fitness and lifestyle solutions for me that make me feel comfortable and empower me with the tools I need to sustain a healthier lifestyle on my own. Sonja practices what she preaches and has not only been a coach but she has become a friend and I will always have an enormous amount of respect for her.”

Britainy Dagnell

Sonja is one of my favourite humans! She is bold, professional, meticulous, and knows how to cut through the fluff and make it happen. I absolutely love working with her!”

Shannon Christensen

“As a ‘mature’ and busy woman and for all sorts of good reasons, my commitment to health and wellness wavered in the past three or four years. As a result, I found myself tired, out of shape and facing some medical issues. Having tried gyms and trainers in the past, I knew what I didn’t want – feeling overwhelmed in group training sessions or being left practically crippled by some young thing who does not understand the connection of mind to body and ‘age appropriate’ training.

That’s when I met Sonja. For the past two years Sonja has led, coached and encouraged me in MY journey to strength and wellness.

I exercise with nothing other than a yoga mat and some weights. I am feeling better, looking better and well on my way to overcoming those medical issues. Sonja is professional, warm, caring and not afraid to push me to MY abilities. She is someone I trust and rely on and I am grateful to her for the excellent service and support she provides.”

Bernadette Resnik

“Sonja is an excellent coach. She truly has a gift for caring for the well-being of others. She is focused on empowering you physically and mentally to become a stronger person. I have really connected with her approach to a healthier lifestyle. Sonja doesn’t advocate all these fad diets that are out there. She promotes REAL, healthy eating. I love that. I’ve noticed wonderful changes from working with Sonja. I am so happy that she has come into my life!”

Sukhi Philips

“Many epiphanies are the result of my work Sonja. She had the ability to push me but was very responsive to my moods & tuned into what I was capable of. I was always amazed at her resources and the consistent pursuit towards forward movement.”

Nancy Clarke

“I’ve been working with Sonja for 2 years, and there are definitely times when I lose sight of my health goals. Sonja has this cat like intuition, feeling when I’m going off track, and she takes control and encourages me back on track. She’s my own personal cheering section, tough coach and inspiring kindred spirit.

Sonja’s youthful, fresh and professional with an impish charm capable of motivating clients of any age. And her support established a renewed enthusiasm for my own health and wellness. She pushes me when I need it, and holds me accountable to take care of myself and my health, and for that I thank her immensely.”

Shauna MacDonald

“I’ve struggled with my weight for 15 yrs. I tried many different diets that promised quick weight loss that would help me drop a few pounds, but I always gained it back and then some.

Then I found Sonja. She helped me to realize that being healthy and fit wasn’t about a quick fix it was a lifestyle. It was making small changes every couple of weeks to set new healthy habits. It wasn’t about overwhelming myself with everything all at once it was making a nutrition goal, a fitness goal and a “me” goal.

With Sonja’s guidance I make conscious food choices, I absolutely have to work out and I love it! I’m kinder to myself, and I’ve managed to LOSE 50 lbs and keep it off.

Being fit and healthy is the best decision I’ve made. I only have one body and learning to take care of it in a positive way has been a life changing experience. Thank you Sonja!!”

Natalie Farr Murphy

“Six months ago I was pretty miserable when I decided that it was time to get real. Having struggled throughout my lifetime, I realized I needed professional help to get back on the road to a healthier lifestyle. My research led me to Sonja Franzmann and I am so happy it did.

Sonja is not only an incredible coach, but a mentor, a friend and a wine lover too. She has an incredible knack for intuitively understanding what your body needs, and her gentle, persistent approach yields incredible results.

In six months I have become a much stronger, leaner and healthier version of myself. I am so thankful for Sonja’s guidance. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.”

Janet Proskow

“In 6 months Sonja helped me lose 15 lbs and become strong, sexy and confident for my beach wedding in Cuba! It was the most important day of my life and I looked amazing and FELT amazing.

She is a woman who feeds my soul and makes me feel like I can do anything! Sonja has been incredible, her individualized programs are amazing and they work.

I’ve changed my eating habits, have so much energy, and notice my body changing already. I’ve got muscle and definition where I hadn’t had it before. It’s just an amazing feeling. I get compliments on how I look now!

The other day I went out and bought a new pair of jeans and I can rock those jeans! I feel sexy and incredible. And my fiance has noticed as well which is a huge bonus. I feel so much better about myself overall and it’s all thanks to Sonja!”

Jackie Bilsky

“Before working with Sonja, I was negative about myself and the way I looked. And I avoided going out because of it. Now that I’m working with Sonja, I want to go out and do things I enjoy, I’ve stopped hiding!

Shopping was one of those thing I didn’t enjoy, as I didn’t want to look in the mirror. But now when I’m trying on clothes I’m much more confident, positive and happy about the way I look and feel.

I’m actually a happier person in general now and people in my life are really taking notice and asking what happened to me?! Sonja happened to me. She’s creating a woman I’m proud to be, I like me. I used to be so miserable and snappy and now that I’m eating better and working out, the cloud has lifted. Thanks Sonja, you are the best!!”

Brandi Chartrand

“Sonja is the most grounded, professional and open hearted health and wellness coach I’ve had the pleasure of working with! I highly recommend her!”

Laara Archers

“Sonja truly loves her clients, and gives incredibly personalized plans and support to each individual. I always recommend her!!”

McKinnley Prince

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