Hello! I’m Sonja.

For 15 years, I’ve been helping 6+ figure business owners and executives optimize their well-being, so they can thrive in their bodies and their businesses. Yup, you can have both!

I’ve sifted through what does and what doesn’t work in the health and fitness industry. And with that awareness, I help you create a healthy and energized body and lifestyle, that lasts.

So, are you ready to flip your switch to rockstar mode?


The Short

I wasn’t always like this. You know, healthy, energized, purposeful. But, I went through my own health transformation 20 years ago – and it completely changed my life. And passionately drove me to help other women do the same. 

The Long

I know you’re a busy gal. So, here’s my transformation story in four sentences:

The results from my own wellness journey took me from a size 14 to a size 4. And that was only part of the transformation – the bigger impact was finally having purpose, confidence, and drive to go for the life I wanted.

At last, I was comfortable in my own skin – and knew the real me was making an appearance!  And it all started when I chose to prioritize myself.  

I want you to know creating a healthy lifestyle feels like freedom, not restriction. Years ago I fell into the trap of believing I had to sacrifice anything that felt like fun – to stay fit and healthy. Well, that was a lie.

And ever since, I’ve been helping clients create a lifestyle they love. So they can stop living in survival mode and start truly thriving – in body, business, and life.   

And let me remind you – free thinkers like you don’t follow, they lead. They do things differently. So YES, you can do it on your own terms. And honestly – you should.


To help women live with more freedom! My life revolves around freedom, and the women I attract want to live with more freedom in their lives too. 


Relationships. The connections I have with family, friends, and clients is everything to me. Quality time enjoying light or deep conversations with my people is the best part of my day.   


When you’re powerful in your body, you’re powerful in your life.

My Philosophy

Movement is medicine. Your energy is everything, and physical movement is a powerful elixir.   

things i love

Morning coffee – and it tastes even better when I’m at my fave cafe with a gal pal. Palm Springs also holds a special place in my heart, plus it’s a great escape from winter in Calgary!    

Struggles I’ve Had

I’ve faced many challenges on my own life path. Chronic pain from a car accident, adrenal fatigue, body image issues, extreme diet and exercise patterns, just to name a few. Yes, I’m human too! 

Goals I’ve Achieved

I’m a visionary and creator at my core. Which led to some cool business ventures over the years. Leading multiple adventure retreats to Costa Rica was a definite highlight!


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